John Allen

Born and raised in Southern California, John Allen has been working in the hair salon industry for over 25 years. John’s notable accomplishments began in 1983 when he won the Long Beach Hair Show, a cutting and styling competition. Since then he has gained an extremely devoted clientele, including many celebrities in the greater Los Angeles area.

Since 1998 John has been the focus of many articles and publications such as US Magazine, which gave his client best makeover of the year, Elle Magazine and Vogue.

John Allen’s most notable accomplishments have been through his numerous TV and talk show appearances including his role as lead hair stylist on Extreme Makeover on ABC.

John excels in all facets of the industry including hair color and the latest styles and cuts, but he specializes in creating a total overall look for his clients.

Visit John in his private hair studio in Beverly Hills, where he treats all of his clients with the attention they deserve or view his services online at www.JohnAllenSalon.com

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